A Dragon Named Coal

Game Overview

A Dragon Named Coal is a dark fairytale with Castlevania: Symphony of the Night style gameplay and branching story mechanics of Dragon Age: Origins. The game is primarily being created by a husband and wife game studio. Currently we're actively developing for Mac, Windows, Linux, and console platforms.

Playable Pre-Alpha

Download and play the demo.

Evolving Characters

When interacting with characters your decisions change their personality and look over time. These opportunities will occur with various NPCs such as influential leaders, villains, and children that grow up after a time skip in the game. If a little girl is treated kindly, she'll grow up to start a school. Abuse and torment her, she becomes a femme fatale running a gang of scoundrels. This is just one example of the many branching characters you'll speak with and change forever.

Explore a Crumbling Dark Fantasy World

Adventure through an ancient land filled with dark secrets lost to time. Unraveling these mysteries will unlock powerful equipment and potions. When you're not busy questing, visit the capital Valderun. There you can interact with NPCs, see the visual impact of choices on the kingdom, and join special organizations such as an assassin's guild.

Character Customization

The equipment system is built to be light and fun without overburdening you on micro changes. As each piece of gear is unique and can be upgraded with resources. In addition you can customize your character's abilities through a branching skill tree system.


Opens locked doors and chests

Companions with Benefits

Each character has a different ability set that can help unlock doors, find hidden locations, give various stat boosts. As you level up you'll be able to tweak your companion's abilities too. For example you can move your mage companion more towards destructive or healing magic.

Rewarding exploration and experimentation

Each level is carefully crafted for replay value and exploration. For example; Coal has an environmental ability of shooting fire. Throwing fireballs around the room you can reveal hidden treasures or solve mysteries that would normally be hidden.

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